Children, Inc. Learning Center Services

The Enrollment Process

Filling out the Intake Application is the first step to getting your child enrolled for services at Children Inc. Learning Center.  After you submit the intake application, you will be contacted to complete the rest of the enrollment packet. If there is an enrollment wait list for your child’s age, we will tell you at the time your are contacted.  

Click here to fill out the Intake Application online.   You can also download the application and fill it out by clicking here .


Children Inc. Learning Center provides infants (6 weeks to 12 month olds) with a safe, caring environment allowing infants to explore and develop at their own pace.

Our main goals are for the infants to learn about themselves, their feelings, others, communicating, moving and doing.  It is important to have goals with infants to start acquiring skills to understand basic concepts, to apply thinking to new concepts, and to begin developing strategies for problem solving.

The schedule in the infant room is driven by each child’s eating and sleeping pattern.  The teachers follow the meal plans established by the infants’ doctors and parents and take cues from the infants for sleep time.  

We are a non-container site which means we don’t use any equipment to hold the children.  The infants will either be held by the teachers, on the floor for tummy time  and exploring, sitting to eat once they move on from a bottle, or sleeping in their own assigned cribs. 

 We encourage breastfeeding and have an area for moms who would like to come and feed their child on site or express milk to use in bottles that day or frozen for other days.